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UNIFY all mankind World Leader consultant Emmissary

Read, Weep, and then TAKE ACTION. May 26, 2017 Go TO and EVOTE.ONE Directly Above this video on far left, Click and read the ONE safe PDF file on WHY Fatherkeith is the #1 and ONLY Peacemaker for our entire world. No one else has ever accepted this GODly designated Sovereign Ambassador Position in recent times. Taking ACTION on the following is the ONLY way to prevent humanity from self-genocide by hands of Satanic forces like ROSE. Refusals to use these absolute is a crime, plain and simple. The Prime Peace Maker is May 26, 2017 I have accepted and owned the SINS our of world as the top world Promise Keeper, Peace Maker, and arbitrator mediator in world history. This is because NO ONE ELSE has ever been able to resolve the crimes against humanity committed by all these Political FOOLS, Terrorists, and criminal ruling elite. EVOTE.ONE empowers all my people to TAKE ACTION by identifying WHO are the honest saved persons, who are the shady small time hoods, and separates the unrepentant criminals into their very own banished categories. This has NEVER been accomplished before in the history of mankind because those who control our world have almost total control over our digital run lives as information has always been the KING of PEACE or the deplorable despicable RULER iron group of these Satanic demons. is the worlds first and only open public database that forever rids our world of secrets. In the extreme sense, everyone will be able to work, play, sleep, and operate NAKED. Yes NAKED. No secrets means that no committed crime will ever go unpunished BY, FOR, and OF the will of the majority of my 7.5 Billion People. The Peace making process starts with Then, using the simple methods of the original that stands for Home Owners Association, each community quickly learns to solve their own localized issues in record time. The mediator sets the commandments for each meeting. Anyone who is not able to provide a solution to their stated problem can be VOTED out and banished from the gathering by a simple majority of all people present. Even Electronic Voting remotely allows key interested persons to participate if they can not physically be present. Video of all transactions is recorded so that no ABUSIVE attacks of one against others will go unpunished. This has never been accomplished before. Why is Keith Brent Duncan the top world consultant leader? Because I have been the most brutally abused and severely persecuted person in all recent history based on the most incredible series of capital felony crimes committed by so many. Most are tied to the Robert Dee Rose as he has disappeared every single time he has been called to COURT to answer for his life time series of demonic crimes. This is truly the 100% attributes of the ANTI-CHRIST. The ability to use extreme fear and intimation along with extortion, blackmail, treason, murder, and massive cybercrime infiltration into each and ever primary criminal investigative databases to prevent ANYONE from detecting his victims, his methods, his extreme BILLIONS of $$$ conspiracy profiteering, and his ability to avoid any criminal charge by eliminating his victims and blackmailing each person with their very own previous indiscretions and crimes. In biblical terms, the same series of extreme events happened to my GodFather Jesus Christ and almost all of the fore-founding fathers and mothers who stood up against the sins of the worlds in order to restore meditated Peace and Harmony back into each community. Once everyone finally recognizes they share the same GOD’s resources, they will realize they must CONFORM to the enforced will of the majority of the people who actually GIVE a GOD’s DAMN about the RIGHTS of others. This only occurs by fearlessly protecting the rights of all others. Anything less than total peace and world harmony is criminal LIP SERVICE of gossip. For my heard cries out extreme emotional pain when I see all the vicious attacks by world leaders, politicians, corrupt Demonic Corporate Executives and others who have practiced the black art magic of total fear and intimidation. Despite the broad smiles, kissing babies, and making wonderful promises to represent the rights of my people, must of these demonic crooks have 100% hidden agendas to capture as much wealth from others at all costs using the serpent slithering tongue of deception and false promises. ROSE, Cobb County DA USA Berry Vic Reynolds, and even many of the top level pastors, priests, and other top ranked community leaders are truly the worse demonic wolfs and crocodiles hiding in white lamb and sheep clothing pretending to be HOLY and Justified in their ability to enslave and even create self-genocide among these split and divided religious war cultures. For the destruction of mankind has always been imminent for a variety of original created then turned demonic reasons. The first has always been GREED and the survival of the fittest. With the last frontier of the digital revolution and ‘SMART CITIES’ of massive capitalistic greed, few will ever escape the satanic control of the Criminal Ruling Elite who are the Foreign Investors and Powerhouse tycoons who control the flow of all information to force the complacence of the uneducated persons to be their slaves and even soon, food supply. Not just suppliers, but the commercially grown farm products of using human flesh as protein for their McDonald burgers and Happy Meal Fries. Your free will choice of course, just like those who hid in fear because they do NOT want to be involved in controversies. I lost EVERYTHING to these demonic and have absolutely EVERYTHING to reclaim as the new WORLD leader Consultant protected by everyone to ensure they survive, prosper, and grow inside the loving embrace of GOD's hands. that is Bidonkeith Duncan Keith Duncan who anyone can find. NO one has actually ever tried....... or asked any question of WHY I AM HERE.

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