top of page was GODs use of EVOTE.ONE to destroy all criminals forever using IID FOIA.ONE ACTION

100% direct real time eDemocracy of was GODs only prime system to unify mankind by destruction of all Lucifers shown by each of YOU use of IID FOIA.ONE as of Jan 25, 2022 absolutely NO ONE has shown single legal reason HOW 5 international Cyber Terorrists succeeded in murdering Keith brent Duncan of Norcross using 4 criminally issued Temp Protect orders based on reality each ROBBED and DEFRAUDED KEITH of your GOD delivered assets so many times we lost count. WHO do YOU KNOW to protect Keith Duncans life and command recovery of ALL his assets through OUR and his 4 prime insurance companies and actually HOST MEDIATE mass protest rallies at your town hall forums of Direct headquarters was +770-377-2106.


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